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What Are Private Caveat Loans?

Caveat loans are a type of private finance or mortgage lending product that is a non-bank type of loan.


Depending on whom you speak with, caveat loans can occasionally be referred to by different terminologies such as solicitor loans, private 2nd mortgages, mezzanine finance, hard private loans just to name a few.

But regardless of what jargon is used to describe the term "caveat loans"... will in some way still be related to non-bank private finance that falls outside the mainstream banks.

Many Australians may find private caveat loans helpful in certain scenarios because they do not require proof of income, and tax returns and financial records are not needed to qualify. Best of all, even a borrower's credit rating is irrelevant. 


Caveat loans may also offer a short-term user-friendly option for the self-employed business person who's been extremely busy and hasn't had a chance to complete their end-of-year financials for both personal and company for a variety of legitimate reasons. 

Private business loans, including short-term caveat loans, 1st, and 2nd mortgages can be an extremely useful lending alternative in conjunction with a sensible exit strategy, in the interim of the borrower's circumstances coming back into shape.

Private Caveat Lending provides borrowers with fast legitimate access to capital by leveraging the equity within an existing property for a variety of alternatives including that may be used as a line of credit, bridging loan, home loan, or private residential or commercial mortgage refinance. 

Caveat loans may even allow cash flow to fund property developments, construction loans, even as a business overdraft that can consolidate business creditors, tax debts, and a variety of other commercial needs such as the purchase of stock.

With the use of our 2nd registered mortgages and caveat loans, funding possibilities are endless. One of the more important factors is that caveat loans can be approved within 24 - hours to provide access to instant business capital when time is of the essence. 


The advantage of a caveat loan is that it does not require you as a borrower to pay out or discharge an existing mortgage or home loan.


Longer-term funding can be secured through a registered 2nd mortgage which does not interfere with any of your existing loans, so you can rest assured that these loans can settle fast and fuss-free. 

Are Private Caveat Loans Popular?

Yes, It is no secret that caveat loans and private mortgages have become extremely popular in recent times as a result of major banks tightening their credit lending rules.


Caveat Loans Australia is a leader in non-bank lending alternatives with a range of lending options that may offer borrowers practical finance options when compared to bank loans.

When dealing with banks, not only is the borrower being initially assessed by artificial intelligence computer systems before reaching a human, but when the client's file gets to a real person, it has passed through that many hands that the important personalised requirements of the applicant are all but diluted.

When dealing with Caveat Loans Australia you will be provided with local human interaction in Australia. Everything is processed down under and not outsourced overseas.


In layman's terms, what does this mean for you the borrower? You can be assured that your approval will be attended to with priority from start to finish. Instead of dealing with multiple people within a bank, private caveat loans provide more convenience because your approval is processed within a single Australian team. 

Caveat finance isn’t just easy to get approved, but the entire approval & and settlement process is unmatched in terms of speed and how easy the approval process is. 

A caveat is a legal instrument that sits behind an existing first mortgage (if applicable) and doesn’t require permission from the institution that holds a mortgage over the property.

However, the type of legal instrument used for you will vary depending on your circumstances. 


What Are Private Mortgages?

Specialist Caveat Loans provide alternative lending solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the borrower's financial needs.  Private lending is designed to offer fast flexible stress-free funding that is far easier to be approved in comparison to major banks. 


Private Lending simply refers to where the source of funding comes from. With conventional lending, mortgage funds often come from a major bank, whereas non-bank private lending comes from sophisticated investors or an investment firm such as a superannuation fund.

A Private Loan can be secured quickly by the private lender registering a caveat or mortgage on the property title, much faster than a bank, allowing the borrower to access the funds within a matter of a couple of days.


A caveat is a legal instrument that sits behind an existing first mortgage and doesn’t require permission from the institution that holds a mortgage over the property.


An alternate legal instrument can be used such as a first or second-ranking mortgage. The decision of which legal instrument is used will depend on the borrower's set of circumstances. 

Private Finance allows real estate and property owners in Australia the ability to leverage their equity for immediate use without any stressful prerequisites that one would expect from a bank.


Further, the borrower is not required to refinance or pay out their existing home loan or mortgage facility, making the process very efficient.

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Are Private Caveat Loans Beneficial?

There are many reasons why borrowers turn to non-bank private finance as a source of funds. One of the standout reasons is the ever-changing lending guidelines within the banking and finance industry — which can impact borrowers such as the self-employed.

From a commercial perspective, there may well be valid reasons why banks choose to tighten their lending criteria. However, this does not help everyday Australians who are already in difficult positions. 


We’re here to support consumers such as yourself who are the backbone of the Australian economy.

Our financial services team receive hundreds of calls from self-employed business owners, even those who may not be able to demonstrate their income for genuine reasons.


The simple truth for many is that for some its a matter of survival — and staying liquid with positive cash flow is paramount, and that’s where we fit in!



No tax returns No financials No bank statements, it’s that simple. Our private finance options are known as low-doc loans. This can be extremely handy if you are self-employed and not up to date with tax records. 


Even if you have the worst credit rating in Australia we can help. We have products that do not require credit checks at all.

So long as you have equity in real estate, or you can provide a guarantor who owns property, funding can be arranged.


Our private loans are much more flexible compared to a traditional bank. Once you send back your application form, funding can be approved within 24 hours. Private loans have no red tape jargon, this means you can get to your objectives sooner.

Why Caveat Loans Australia?

We are an ethical private finance service provider that has been helping borrowers for 25 years.

​With believe in good old-fashioned trust and honesty and will strive to obtain the approval our clients require.  


We provide a second-to-none level of support in the interests and no matter what the circumstances, we will guide our clients step by step. 

Our consultants treat each client the same way they would their own family and friends. Our ethos of building close relationships allows us to provide exceptional customer customer care allowing us to establish business partnerships that last a lifetime, and regardless of a borrower's commercial objectives, people should always be able to trust those they entrust with their financial affairs. 

We commit to each of our clients by taking the time to listen and learn, subsequently allowing our consultants to offer the most suitable finance option. 


Can Private Caveat Loans Help Me?

Every individual’s reason for seeking a caveat loan or private mortgage is different.

We have successfully funded many clients who required no-nonsense finance.

Here are some instances where private lending may offer financial relief:

  • Purchase a house.

  • Construction finance.

  • Property development.

  • Refinance existing mortgage.

  • Payout overdue ATO tax debts.

  • Business overdraft line of credit.

  • Release equity within an existing property.

  • Purchase of real estate land or investment property.

  • Raise capital for the start-up or expansion of new or existing business.

Private Business Loan Advantages

  • Low Doc finance that does not require financials or tax records.

  • Applicants with bad credit ratings can obtain finance without concern of rejection.

  • Private funding offers the fastest access to capital from $50k to $10 million. 

  • Business and personal loans can be approved within 24 hours when using real estate security.

  • And should you have received an offer from an alternative lender and are able to provide us with this letter of approval, we will gladly beat their interest rate, fees and charges to ensure that you are totally satisfied with our service. That's our promise.


With the bank's recent tightening of their credit lending policies, so many restrictions have been placed on all forms of consumer & business financial services, making it virtually impossible for a genuine borrower to obtain any type of funding or loans.

However, as part of a sensible financial plan, along with a realistic exit strategy, private business loans, private residential mortgages, private commercial finance, or the use of a short-term caveat loan, may provide a viable alternative when you're up against the clock. 

​As a duty of care, we remind anyone considering lodging an application for a private business loan to seek independent financial & legal advice before considering what's right for you. Our consultants are happy to go through a series of basic questions and answers that may offer you some general information that can be taken back to your legal advisor for consideration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are private loans structured?

Our firm offers many forms of specialist non-bank private financial services that can be either structured as lines of credit, bridging loans, home loans, private mortgages, equity access facilities, urgent cash-out or redraw facilities, overdrafts, commercial mortgages, development and construction finance, mezzanine finance, short term loans, mortgage refinancing, or debt consolidation. And best of all, there is no need for any tax returns, financials or credit checks.


Private finance, if structured correctly, can often be a lifesaving strategy for Australians who may require access to flexible business capital and cash flow finance. So long as you have real estate that can be used as security, there are a vast array of commercial lending options that can provide immediate financial relief.

What is a Caveat Loan?

Private Mortgages, Solicitor Loans, Short-term Caveat Loans or Solicitor Funds are all terms used interchangeably with Caveat Loans. Caveat Loans are provided by private lenders who aren’t bound by the harsh credit criteria that traditional lenders are subject to. 

What real estate can I use as security for a Caveat Loan?

Non-bank finance is far more flexible in terms of what can be used as real estate security in comparison to a bank. Security types such as residential houses, flats, units and apartments are acceptable, along with commercial dwellings such as shopfronts, industrial units, service stations, rural farms, vacant land, and income-producing properties.

Is it hard to get a short-term Caveat Loan if I’m self-employed?

Caveat Loans are made for the self-employed! Our team understands the self-employed lending landscape more than the average bank manager, so you can be sure that if we cannot provide you with funding, then it’s most likely that no one else can. 


If you're in a critical situation, we urge you to contact our office to apply for a caveat loan as quickly as possible so we can work on organising your approval for the caveat loan application. The process is fast and hassle-free. Specialist lending has been at the core of who we are for the last 25 years. We understand that by keeping businesses commercially liquid during times of distress, we are able to provide the best possible platform for our clients to trade through these economic and turbulent times.

How soon can I get a fast caveat loan?

Approvals for fast caveat loans in Australia can be issued within four hours and can be applied for in the name of either a sole trader, company or family trust unit by providing a few basic details, with the subsequent settlement possible within 24 hours. Caveat Loans settle faster than traditional types of loans.​

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