About our caveat loans & private mortgages

Our line of credit equity access caveat loans are the only product of its kind in Australia that allows the borrower to tap into their real-estate equity immediately through the use of their property as collateral which can be accessed up to an agreed loan to value ratio that can be drawn up or down as required. The advantage of this over any other short term lender is that we only calculate interest on the outstanding balance rather than the whole amount, similar to most traditional lines of credit facilities. Other non-bank & private lenders force you to draw down the entire amount at settlement meaning you have to pay interest on the whole amount instead of only what you have used similar to a credit card. Funds can be accessed super-fast because we secure your finance by lodging a caveat instead of a regular mortgage which means it can be done instantly. No hassles, No delays, No credit checks, No serviceability, No financials, and most importantly we don't need the consent of your current mortgage provider. This means that equity can be accessed anywhere across Australia in a quick stress-free manner to most real-estate owners. This product is not offered to brokers, referrers, or 3rd party distribution models. Direct consumers only. 

Why are caveat loans & private mortgages so popular?

There are many reasons why many borrowers are choosing caveat loans & second mortgages over traditional bank lending. Specialist private mortgage & finance have become a very popular alternative for many Australian’s because of how fast flexible & easy finance can be approved without having to go through the usual stressful credit process that is often associated with the major banks and mainstream finance companies. Finance can be approved over the phone in just 5 minutes and settled within 24 hours or as soon as the loan documents can be signed and returned. Finance approvals start from $25k up to $10 million and used for just about any worthwhile purpose. Our Lo-Doc finance products mean that all our finance approvals do not require the applicant to provide financials such as tax returns, bank statements or payslips, best of all your credit rating is irrelevant. We won't ask you a thousand questions as to why you need the finance. So long you have real-estate that can be offered as security, we will always find a way.

How do caveat loans & private mortgages work

A ‘caveat’ is an instrument that is lodged over a real-estate security title. Upon the loan settling and funds being disbursed into our customer account, we then place a caveat over the property title during the loan period.  to protect the loan. Depending on the urgency of the client's finance requirements, often the use of a caveat can be used instead of a 1st or 2nd mortgage simply because a caveat can be lodged allot faster than a mortgage and is ideal for people who have an urgent business or financial deadline. An alternative to a caveat loan could also be to obtain a 2nd mortgage instead of refinancing, which is also extremely popular as it offers a lower interest rate, but critically doesn't require the borrower to payout or disturb their current home loan or mortgage. Funds can be advanced without refinancing or discharging their existing mortgage through the use of a caveat loan or a 2nd ranking mortgage. Funding can be accessed without your current lender having a say within your application process, meaning they will not impact your ability to obtain finance from us. The speed in how fast these types of loans can be accessed make them the ideal logical choice for applicants who don't have a lot of time and don't want to go through all the red tape that can usually be associated with mainstream banks & lenders. Caveat loans & 2nd mortgages provide a legitimate source of capital & equity which can be accessed within a matter of 24 hours for just about any worthwhile purpose. 


What is the difference with our caveat loans & private mortgages

We are an ethical funding consortium with over 20 years of experience within specialist banking and financial services. Our aim is to provide fast flexible financial assistance where other lenders have failed. As part of our service, we will show you what the banks don't want you to know using compliant & viable solutions, importantly at the lowest interest rates possible. Our loans are extremely flexible able to cater for short or long term loans from 3 months to 3 years. The main objective for our lending consultants is that we are able to provide quick cash funding without asking for any unrealistic information from the applicant. The ability to capitalise interest into the life of the loan means that the borrower doesn't even need to worry about the repayments over the life of the loan, allowing the client to get on with business in the immediate future. 

We are so confident with our services that we will also beat any written loan offer, interest rate, fees and charges saving customers thousands. As an ethical Australian owned finance provider, that is our promise. 

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We've helped countless Australian's across the country.

But don't just  take our word for it.. Here's what some of our customers are saying

"From the first time I called, they understood exactly what type of loan I needed. They didn't ask me for any tricky tax documents. Finding someone that was on my level was all I wanted. Its reassuring to know that there are still people out there that care." 

Simon (NSW)

"My loan was approved the same day, the whole team was so polite to deal with. The consultant was very experienced, but also genuinely invested into my matter. This made the entire approval experience a lot more comfortable knowing they understood my financial objective. 5 Stars *****"

Laura (QLD)

"Definite experts within their field. Without a doubt they are professional operators within financial services. It was reassuring to feel we were in knowledgeable hands throughout the entire approval to settlement process. Cannot be happier with the level of service received"

Sebastian (VIC)
What You'll Need To Qualify

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 Approvals are issued in as quickly as 60mins.

Most recent council rates notice for the security property. 


100 points identification for all applicants. 


Most recent mortgage statements for any existing mortgages. 


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